World War One U-Boat Facts

World War One German U-Boat
WW1 German SM U-21 U-Boat

Introduction - WW1 U-Boat Facts

The German U-Boat was a very effective World War One weapon. In fact in strange paradox you can say that these submarines almost won the war for Germany, by devastating the allies merchant shipping, and at the same time say they lost the war for Germany by being the reason the U.S. entered the war on the side of the allies. It was the sinking of the British ocean liner the Lusitania, killing numerous passengers including 128 Americans, and the sinking of several U.S. merchant ships by German U-Boats that prompted the U.S. to join the allies and declare war on Germany on April 6th of 1917. In the list of interesting facts below you will find information on why these weapons were so effective, where they were deployed, and what effect U-Boats had on WW1.

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Interesting World War One U-Boat Facts