World War I Artillery Facts

WW1 British Artillery Unit
British Artillery Unit November 1916

Introduction - WW I Artillery Facts

When discussing the most important weapons of World War 1 perhaps what comes to mind are tanks, machine guns, poison gas, flame throwers, or maybe even airplanes. However the most extensively used, most devastating, and by far the most important was artillery. By far more than any other WW1 weapon artillery inflicted the most casualties. Thousands of different types of cannons (artillery) were deployed during WWI. These weapons ranged from relatively small mortars to gigantic naval guns and huge German long-range siege guns dubbed Paris Guns due to the fact several of them were used to bombard Paris France. On this page we list facts about World War I Artillery including information both kids and adults will find interesting; such as how they were used, what advances in artillery occurred during this war, and where some of the biggest artillery borages of the Great War took place.

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Interesting World War I Artillery Facts