WW1 Poison Gas Facts

World War One Gas Mask
WW1 Soldier wearing gas mask

Introduction - World War One Poison Gas

Life for a World War One soldier involved in the trench warfare, which typified this war, was miserable and scary. For these soldiers death could come at any time and in various forms; however perhaps what scared them most was the sudden frantic ringing of a bell followed by panicked shouts of GAS! This would signal the beginning a poison gas attack by the enemy; one of the most horrible weapons of World War One. The soldiers would have to scurry to put on their clumsy protective masks or risk a slow and painful death from the thick green cloud of gas that was approaching their positions. Although not one of WW1's most effective weapons it was none the less terrifying. On this page are a list of interesting facts about poison gas and its use during the Great War written for both kids and adults.

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World War One Poison Gas Facts