Second Battle of Ypres Facts

French Soldiers in trench at the Second Battle of Ypres.
French Soldiers at the Second Battle of Ypres

Introduction - Second Battle of Ypres

On April 22nd of 1915, near the town of Ypres in western Belgium on World War One's western front, the Germans had just completed an artillery bombardment of French defensive positions to open the Second Battle of Ypres. As the French soldiers awaited a German infantry attack, which usually follows a bombardment, an eerie quiet fell over the battle field. French officers in the rear of the defensive positions were suddenly shocked to see waves of their soldiers retreating towards them in utter panic. Dropping their weapons jumping on horses, and tripping over each other running as fast as they could from the front line. As the soldiers get closer the officers saw many of them falling down and gasping for breath, vomiting and writhing in pain. The German forces had shocked the Allied soldiers by unleashing the first major use of poison (chlorine) gas in World War One. On this page you will find a list of interesting facts about the Second Battle of Ypres including information on who won, why it was fought.

Interesting Second Battle of Ypres Facts

List of the six military engagements of The Second Battle of Ypres